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Located in the heart of the “Sunshine State”, Orlando offers sunny conditions year-round for optimal golfing weather.  The climate is moderate and mostly dry from October to May.  The hot, rainy season is considered June thru September.  For quick reference, here is a chart to summarize average temperatures and precipitation.



January is one of the coldest and driest months in Orlando.  January is a pleasant month to golf in Orlando with average highs of 71 degrees and average lows around 50 degrees. Dressing in layers is recommended as temperatures rise gradually throughout the morning.  Occasionally, golfers may incur a frost delay due to overnight temperatures dipping into the 30’s. Typical frost delays will last 1-2 hours as golf courses push back tee times to accommodate. Golf courses report an average of 3.5 frost delays in January.


February temperatures provide a welcome relief for traveling golfers.  With frigid temperatures in the northern states, Orlando’s average high of 74 degrees is a golfing paradise.  Earlier February temperatures are similar to January with warmer, spring temperatures by late February.  Much like January, February is one of the driest months of the year.  Rain will have very little impact on your Orlando golf trip plans. Much like January, dressing in layers is recommended in February. Golf courses report an average of 1.5 frost delays in February.


The busiest month of the year at Orlando golf courses with average highs of 78 degrees and average lows of 57 degrees.  Rain chances increase slightly in March, but nothing to have a major impact on your Orlando golf trip.  Daylight savings time typically begins in the 2nd week of March resulting in extended daylight hours for golf extending into the late evening hours. 


The combination of warm, dry conditions makes April a fantastic month to golf in Orlando. As Orlando transitions out of the “Peak Season” winter months, greens fee pricing is reduced providing exceptional value at some of the top Orlando golf courses.   


Much like April, golfing in May provides exceptional value at some of the top golf courses in Orlando. With average high temperatures around 88 degrees, it is essential to hydrate on the golf course, especially afternoon tee times.  Some traveling golfers might find the warm temperatures slightly uncomfortable, so we recommend morning tee times. 

June – September

During the summer season, hot temperatures with high humidity in Orlando are commonplace. Staying hydrated on the golf course is essential.  Fortunately, the majority of golf courses in Orlando have roofs on all golf carts to minimize the effect of the sun. However, sunscreen is highly recommended for morning and afternoon tee times.

The rainy season begins in June and extends through September.  Typically, morning tee times will NOT be affected by the rainy season. Afternoon thunderstorms are daily occurrences and can last from 20 minutes to 3 hours, especially in July and August. Expect the possibility of play stoppages and delays due to lightning and heavy rainfall.

Throughout the summer months, golf courses will do routine maintenance practices like aerification, top dressing, and verticutting. Top dressing and verticutting have minimal impact on playing conditions, but it is recommended to avoid courses recently aerified.

Rainfall and heat gradually reduce in September as we head towards October. 

Hurricanes in Orlando

Many golfers ask, “When is the hurricane season?”  While Florida is widely known as the “Sunshine State”, Florida is also located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane season officially runs from June 1st through November 30th with peak activity in August and September.   A direct hit from a hurricane is rare in Orlando, but high winds and torrential rains can result from hurricane activity in the Atlantic Ocean and/or Gulf of Mexico.  The majority of the best Orlando golf courses have exceptional drainage. Cart path-only restrictions may occur following large amounts of rain.


October is arguably the best month to golf in Orlando.  Warm temperatures with average highs of 85 and minimal precipitation provide a welcome relief from the hot, rainy summer months.  Combining these optimal weather conditions with extended daylight hours and enticing greens fees provides golfers with the foundation for a memorable Orlando golf trip.


Much like October, November is a fantastic month to plan your Orlando golf trip.  Average high temperatures of 78 degrees and minimal precipitation provide pleasant playing conditions.  The only drawback of November…daylight savings time ends the 1st week of November resulting in 1 less hour of play at the end of the day.  Tee times before 1:30 pm are highly recommended to finish your 18-hole round.


December is a pleasant month to golf in Orlando with average highs of 73 degrees and average lows around 53 degrees. Dressing in layers is recommended as temperatures rise gradually throughout the morning.  December is one of the driest months of the year.