Better Balance to Improve Your Golf Swing

Better Balance to Improve Your Golf Swing

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Better Balance to Improve Your Golf Swing

The key to consistent ball striking is balance.  Whether good or bad, balance affects your golf swing in numerous ways.  If you improve your balance, you will hit more straighter and longer golf shots.  Proper balance is a skill that can be developed and should be practiced continually.

One of the best balance drills is not golf-specific, but can dramatically impact your golf swing.  Practice standing on one foot for as long as you can.  Start by standing with your weight on your right foot.  Then, stand with your weight on your left foot.  You might be surprised by the difficulty of this seemingly simple exercise.  Begin with a short goal of 20-25 seconds on each foot and try to improve your times daily.

To add some difficulty, try this exercise with your eyes closed.  With their eyes closed, PGA Tour players can stand on each leg for 90-120 seconds. Chart your progress daily.  As your “balance times” improve you will see a direct correlation to your ball striking improvement on the golf course.

There is an excellent golf-specific drill to improve your balance.  The “feet together drill” will help improve your dynamic balance (balance in motion).  Grab a 7-iron and start with your feet together in a golf setup position.  Begin taking shortened golf swings (pitch shots, etc) and gradually increase the length and pace of the swing as you gain a better sense of balance.

Once you’re comfortable doing this, attempt to hit golf balls (off a short tee) with your feet together.   Again, start with shorter, slower swings.  Gradually increase the swing's length and pace, when you can hit solid shots at your target while maintaining good balance and not stepping out of your stance.

You will be amazed at your ball-striking ability as your balance improves.

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